Little Sven

Hello Friends,

We had a little scare today, even though I don’t have Sven yet, he had to go to the vet because he had a rectal prolapse. Super scary for a young puppy. The owner of the puppy said that if he needed surgery they would have kept him, understandably so but thankfully he made a full recovery and should be fine. They put him on a soft diet for the next few days.

So that was a close call. I’m looking forward to getting him. I’m getting ready and surprisingly I need a-lot of things to keep him safe and happy.

Boston thinks I should just stick with horses!

7 thoughts on “Little Sven

  1. Omg, what an adorable little bundle of fur – he looks so cute I just want to come over there and cuddle him 🙂 I’m glad he’s okay now and can’t wait to see more photos of him when you get him 🙂


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