Winter in New England

Hi Friends.

It’s been very busy the past few weeks here! Right after Thanksgiving, my partner and I went to Grand Cayman for 12 days and unfortunately I was sick most of the trip. It’s a good place to rest and sit in the sun compared to the freezing temperatures in New England. You all remember all the problems with my 1730 farmhouse, well the day we left on vacation the septic overflowed in the unfinished very old basement and thankfully my son helped with that but we had to have it fixed when we got home. Not once but twice!

Christmas was super nice, we had Christmas Eve at my house. It was nice just getting together with family. My daughter bought me a puppy, it’s a Yorkie and I’ll get him on January 17. His name is Sven. My partner is not happy at all about this new addition but I’m sure Sven will win him over.

Incase your wondering, how’s Arlo? He’s living his best life with his Mom and Dad in their new home!

Enjoy your holidays!

8 thoughts on “Winter in New England

  1. Charlee: “We are completely in favor of the sentiment expressed on that pillow and think we need to get the same one here.”
    Lulu: “Pfft. Like you cats aren’t already indulged enough.”
    Chaplin: “What does ‘indulged enough’ mean?”
    Java Bean: “We are looking forward to meeting our new amigo Sven!”

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  2. I love that pillow! Move over, indeed.
    Ugh, what a crummy Christmas present your septic tank gave you. But I cannot wait to meet Sven! Such a cute name for a little Yorkie.


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