Swan update!

Hello friends! Several weeks ago I posted about the swans, how the Mom swan never left her nest. A few weeks went by and the swans were gone. I honestly thought they had no babies and they left the river that they lived in. Then another few weeks went by and the next thing I saw was the swan family! This was the only time that I saw them. They are usually way down the river and they look like little specs. I think they feel safer down at the end of the river.

Super cute and to say the least I was very happy for them!

I am still trying to put weight on Julius. He has only gained 2 lbs this month. I am feeding him a weight supplement and alfalfa along with hay and his grain twice a day. I did let the vet know so we will see what’s next.

Julius enjoys getting sprayed by the water hose!

6 thoughts on “Swan update!

  1. I’m glad the swan family is doing fine. So adorable.

    Glad Julius keeps putting on the weight. So handsome.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥


  2. Lulu: “Keep eating, Julius! Put on those pounds!”
    Java Bean: “Hey Julius! I also like to be sprayed with the hose! Jumping around in the water is just about my favorite thing in the world, aside from Lulu!”
    Lulu: “Awwww.”


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