I’ve been boarding horses for about nine years now and this is the only horse here to get horseshoes. The owner said that he can walk better on them.

Diesel will only get horseshoes in the front. He also didn’t seem to mind it either.

The whole process took about 15 minutes and not a peep out of Diesel.

Tini is waiting for his hoof trim. I have to call the ferrier to get them done. Maybe in the next few weeks I will get the other three horses hoofs trimmed.

Do you think horseshoes are lucky? I know I do (coming from someone who believes in ghosts too!) and I would never hang a horseshoe upside down because the luck will fall out! Horseshoes are considered very lucky and are hung in homes to protect it and bring good fortune to the people living inside. On that note, I hope you all have good luck in what ever you wish for!

Enjoy your day!

12 thoughts on “Horseshoes

  1. Love the photos, the first three remind me of the many times I would stand holding a horse’s head while its shoes were replaced. I have two horseshoes outside my front door, one fastened to the fascia on each side of the door – they were from Whiskey, one of the horses I once looked after.

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    • That’s cool! Two horseshoes!! I actually do not have any horseshoes outside the house but maybe I should put one up! Whiskey is a good name! Have a nice weekend!


      • Whiskey was a dark bay thoroughbred, 16.2 hands, his showjumping name was Pure Malt. I didn’t work at the stables on Sundays but sometimes the guy would ring me and ask me to go down and bring Whiskey in from the field as he wouldn’t come for him – all I had to do was stand at the gate and shout, Whiskey would trot over and follow me into his stable, no head collar or lead rope needed. It used to really wind the guy when that happened! 🙂

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  2. Thank you for teaching me something new, Mya. I thought horses HAD to wear horseshoes. And I didn’t realize they could only get them on the front and not on the back. Were the dogs there for moral support for Diesel?

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    • LOL, the dogs like to eat the hoofs, not to mention the droppings. That sounds totally disgusting, but they think it’s candy! I had the farrier out today again for the other three and he also said horseshoes are because the horse’s hoof are delicate and it’s easier for them to ride. Trail riding horses only get them on the front!

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