Blizzard reports!

Hello Friends!

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion snow storm. As long as our power stays on I’m happy. The snow actually feels good on your face. I’m not working in it so that’s the difference. If I was an essential worker out doors I wouldn’t be to thrilled about it!

I do have the wood stove going which I think everyone who lives in the north should have one.

You can’t see the snow but we are about to get 18 inches of snow and I will update this photo tomorrow for a comparison. The wind is blowing about 20 miles an hour and the snow is flying. The horses will stay in today. I checked on them and they are fed and it is actually warm in the barn.

The birds are fed too. I could have sworn I saw the hawk this morning fly into my porch. When I ran to the window he was gone. I think he lives near the feeder.

Casey is exhausted from playing outside in the early morning.

Enjoy your day!

10 thoughts on “Blizzard reports!

  1. I have to admit I’m not too thrilled with snow, even when I was a child I hated it and wouldn’t play outside for too long – it looks pretty but that’s about it for me although I don’t mind occasionally going for a brisk walk through the woods and fields if the sun is shining. I’m glad the barn is warm for the horses – when i worked at stables it was lethal there in winter, the taps were often frozen up and I would have to break the ice on on the water buckets.

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    • That’s funny you should that about the buckets! The buckets did freeze last night..that is because I couldn’t get the door to shut the whole way, it was frozen open when I went to feed at night.


  2. We could get up to a foot of snow today. I think everyone should have a generator too. Unfortunately, ours is not working so I really hope we don’t lose power.

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  3. We had snow for several hours yesterday and through the night, but it amounted to about an inch and the wind is blowing it away. Our wood stove is cranking and we still have a wood house full so think we’ll be okay. We’ll probably start cutting for next winter once this snow if off the ground. It’s supposed to be in the upper 40’s her next week and that’ll be perfect for cutting, loading and hauling the wood in. Stay warm my friend!!

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  4. I can’t tell how much snow we have because it’s blowing so hard and drifting but it’s started to come down harder than it was. We keep praying that we don’t lose our power. We don’t have a wood stove. Stay safe and warm!

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  5. Lulu: “We’ve been seeing stuff about the snow out east! Glad everyone there is safe and warm!”
    Charlee: “Including the birds.”
    Chaplin: “We love the birds.”
    Charlee: “Yes we do.”
    Chaplin: “Very very much.”
    Lulu: “It’s so creepy when you two get started talking about birds like that. Makes me glad I’m not one.”


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