What a difference a day makes

Hello Friends! This is a pretty photo of the water down by the south shore. I saw the same colors in my skyline but I didn’t have my camera handy! This is about 30 miles from the farm. My friend took this photo Wednesday morning.

This is Thursday morning, same time, early. Just a small amount of snow but still pretty. By tomorrow afternoon it will be all gone again!

Are you a winter, spring, summer or fall person? I prefer the fall myself, spring on the farm is so muddy the little ones boots will fall off their feet trying to walk thru the mud! Summer is very muggy and winters are raw and cold so I’m sticking with fall!

A moment of cuteness!

7 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. Snow is very pretty as long as I’m looking at it from the inside of a warm house 🙂 I’ve never really liked winter weather, I much prefer spring and summer. I love the kitten, he’she looks very cute 🙂

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  2. Both photos are so pretty. Growing up in New Jersey, I always liked winter. Now down here in Florida, I prefer fall….because I know winter is coming. We are in the middle of a December humidity forecast, but at least it’s not as bad as the humidity in the summer. I just like colder weather.

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