What’s going on?

Hello Friends! It was a very blustery day on Friday, you can see Julius’s mane standing straight up! We also had our first snow of the season. It didn’t stay long before it all melted, it was all gone by Saturday.

Julius saw me walking back to the house with hay under my arm for Mr Roosevelt and whenever one of the horses spot hay they get all excited. This time of year it’s a treat! The bunny loves all hay, not only does he like to eat it, the hay keeps him warm on cold winter days.

Mr Roosevelt loves to sit on the chair, I’m not sure why, he just does.

I did end up giving Julius a handful of hay when I walked by. That doesn’t seem like a lot but they do get a bale of hay in the morning and it’s only 10am. When it’s very cold and snow in the field they get hay mid day. They end the night in the stall with bedtime hay. It’s no surprise why they enjoy hay so much!

Thanks for the hay Mom!

Have a happy week!

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