Things are finally looking up on the farm!

Hello Friends. Being the Keeper of the Farm isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be! I’m still dealing with the well that failed and all the dirt, literally buckets full of dirt that ruined two hot water tanks, propane furnace, and the water valve shut off. It’s just crazy what dirt can do blasting thru your pipes! I think now we have made headway. Just today the water valve was fixed, we have hot water and everyone should be happy. Unless you happen to be one of those people who is happily miserable! I know a few!

Buddy the horse is like a big cat, whenever I have the water filling up the water trough, he races over to stick his face in it! It must feel good, even on a cold rainy day.

My granddaughter took this photo outside her home of the two deer. I happen to love deer so I thought I would share this awesome photo with you all too!

Have a great week! I’m now getting ready for Thanksgiving. One of my most favorite holidays!

8 thoughts on “Things are finally looking up on the farm!

  1. Buddy is a sweetheart! Only one of my cats likes water–Parker. She hears me running the faucet, and she comes a-running! She’s so funny, though. She sees the water run down the drain, so tries to put her paws under the bowl….to catch the water….what??!!
    You have deer…you are very lucky. Rarely, very rarely do I see them if we are hiking around. They are beautiful.

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  2. I’m glad all is well with the well too! LOL
    Buddy is the best horse here, very gentle and nice! The other three are a little horse crazy for me!! (saying that with love, of course!)


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