Ever have one of those weeks-

This has been a week..I have had a major leak over my windows in the dining room. Here’s the situation, after calling 20 roofers to fix this little flat 20’ x 3’ roof I finally found someone to fix it! That is good news where the first person who agreed sent me a cancellation notice. So this company seems ok. I’m totally hopeful he will not cancel. On top of that the furnace is totally fried and it’s only 7 years old. That’s another story for another day but thank goodness we have a wood stove so the house is staying pretty warm.

I also have a rental property that I was selling and I now have a squatter..This poor women thought she bought the house and paid cash for the house to a real estate agent. This is in another state. I feel bad for her but she has to move. Squatters have rights.

It’s been a week. After getting really sad yesterday person at work randomly sent me a message in her salutation that she’s never stressed she’s blessed. In the big picture I’m very blessed too! So I sent her a thank you for the reminder. Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day stuff, leaky pipes, horses escaping, dealing with mold from all the rain we have had and still having that I forget in the big picture I am blessed!

7 thoughts on “Ever have one of those weeks-

    • Now the well is broken..the well people came out Friday and they will be back on Monday..I just can’t make this stuff up! It can only get better from here!


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