When your bird has a bird feeder

This is Sonny the Canary. Sonny was a birthday gift for me a few years ago from my daughter. One day, while I was sitting at my desk watching him I thought he may be lonely so I put a bird feeder in his window and to my surprise he actually likes it!

He will sit on his perch and watch his little visitors. He’s very vocal too! Singing all day. Not a sing-songy voice but more of a chirping. He is especially loud if I have music on or the TV. You may ask is it annoying? Only sometimes, when I’m on the phone with a client or early Sunday morning when your trying to sleep late!🙂

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10 thoughts on “When your bird has a bird feeder

  1. Aww, it must be lovely for Sonny to have some little visitors outside. If he chirps at them do they chirp back? Many years ago I had a budgie and I loved to hear him chirping. He flew free round the house during the day and was only shut up at night.

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  2. Charlee: “Oooh … We should see if Mama will get us a bird feeder, too.”
    Chaplin: “And maybe a bird for inside the house.”
    Charlee: “Maybe TWO birds. Or a whole flock.”
    Chaplin: “And of course we wouldn’t need a cage for them.”
    Charlee: “Of course not.”
    Lulu: “Keep dreaming, my friends.”

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