Its siesta time!

Hello Friends,

Julius takes more naps than anyone I know! Several times a week I catch him resting.

He’s only 28 and healthy so I’m thinking he likes to nap! I never take naps but my partner loves to nap! I heard it’s good for your health to nap but I feel I would be missing something exciting!

Julius, this is meant for you!
Leave me alone!! I’m napping!!

Enjoy your day!

8 thoughts on “Its siesta time!

  1. I have enough trouble falling asleep at night–can you imagine if I napped during the day?! Julius looks so relaxed. **sorry to disturb you, sweet boy**


  2. Hi Julius you are a most horse and I love your color
    Please thank Mom for stopping by my blog today
    I have added you to my bookmarks
    Hugs Cecilia

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