The competition is just a little stronger lately…

  Hello friends, with this little critter below, you never know what is going to happen with your water dishes or dog bowls!!  I\’m lucky, we have a cat counter…we don\’t have to worry about what she is going to do next!!!
 This is her little idea of a pedicure!! 
 Now what…
 She is thinking she will put them back one at a time…
And literally, she did!  Nothing like keeping her busy:)
Don\’t worry, anything left behind, we have her covered!
Happy Labor Day friends!  Take time to rest~


13 thoughts on “The competition is just a little stronger lately…

  1. Ha! Glad y'all have her covered 🙂 Bettin there's not a boring moment at your home 🙂 Have a great holiday yourself :)Waggin at ya,Roo


  2. so sweet, all three of our subjects. we once spent an hour of fun watching a little boy about the size of this little one, we were on the beach. he dug a hole in the sand, a big one, took his bucket and proceeded to walk 30 feet to the ocean and bring back water to fill the hole. the funny thing was he started with a full bucket but lost half before he dumped it. and of course it sank in the sand. love this post


  3. Hi stranger, happy to see you!!!!Tom is working today.I have some bad news. You know I am blind in one eye right? Have been all my life. It has held me back all my life. Well now I am losing the sight in my good eye!! ~~~~~~~~~So I am not going to blogs any more to read them!!! I wish I could but it is too much eye strain!! I am answering right on my blog. Came here to let you know! I am not seeing good at all any more. I have not been able to drive since Dec. 07 How are you doing??


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