Time for dinner!

We have a sea anemone in our salt water tank and we were just told that he would be much happier if we feed him by hand…sooooo, my son feeds him every other day, as instructed.   All you have to do is place a frozen shrimp in the middle of him…then he will close his tentacles around it!

In the picture below, it is all gone!  This took about three minutes at the most.  The other fish will sometimes try to take it but we feed them at the same time to keep them all busy! 

Crazy, he loves it.

So anyone have any good names for him?  I can\’t come up with one…we call the eel, Neil…sick, but it works!

Have a good day and if you have a catchy name, just let me know!


7 thoughts on “Time for dinner!

  1. How cool is that? A pet anemone! Bet his tentacles tickle your fingers when you feed him 🙂 I'm thinkin Mozart cause he has so many fingers I'm bettin he could really tickle the ivories 😉 Fun post :DWaggin at ya,Roo


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