Knock, Knock

 Anyone home! Mom, I\’m telling you, your slacking…what\’s going on…I can tell you what\’s going…

Our Mom is working too much! This is not her office…she loves this office…it\’s her imaginary office…ok, she weird, and that\’s not her door either!   Mom has been super busy with her real J>O>B> and her fun job at Mary Kay Cosmetics!  This last picture is of my human sister, Mom, and my human niece, Penny\’s daughter at a Mary Kay event!  Mom is in the top five of sales in her area.  What ever the heck that means…

As for me, I\’m getting old and my Mom says I pace too much…back and forth all day and all night.  I hear her say I have demencia and she is very sad about this…pace pace pace…

I say, have a great weekend!!


12 thoughts on “Knock, Knock

  1. Ariel, you are just adorable there in your bed. 🙂 You do as your mommy tells you, she knows what's best for you. I like that front door and the office is beautiful! You're mommy, sis and niece look so pretty! I know your mommy is a very busy lady. 🙂 I'm happy to see her again. Have a terrific weekend!


  2. Awwww beautiful Ariel!! Awww you just do what makes you happy – hope you are ok though? When my angel kitty was very old and had slight dementia, she would howl suddenly and I'd pick her up and comfort her and she'd be ok again. The vet said it was part of her being old.Your mum and family are beautiful!! Yay for her being super duper at her job!Take carex


  3. I hope you'll cut your mom some slack. We've all had real life get in the way and keep us too busy to blog.So sorry to hear that Ariel has dementia. That must be difficult to watch her go downhill.


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