So this is what I do when nobody is around….

Hello friends,  Happy Wednesday!  This is the VERY first time I have ever found Smokes on a bed…I walked in, grabbed my phone and wooola! He must be relaxing here when I\’m not home! LOL  The things I don\’t know!!  Hmmmm, I wonder what else is going on!
Have a happy day~

22 thoughts on “So this is what I do when nobody is around….

  1. our dog Max who died in 2002, used to do this, i see Smokes in in the sunbeams on the bed. Max did that to. he was so funny, he was not supposed to be there and we could not catch him, we could see the indent. when he got older and could not hear, we could sneak down the hall and find him there, he was always so ashamed when we found him. we did not really care. this is a really good shot of Smokes, so pretty


  2. Smokes – Phantom loves to sleep in that siberian donut position too – but he just wishes he had access to the bed too. We all wish the same thing.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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