Something is very wrong with this picture…

OK, this is MUCH better!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


21 thoughts on “Something is very wrong with this picture…

  1. MUCH better! Maisie passed away almost 2 years ago. I couldn't bear to put her bed away right away, but then noticed Maggie was using it! Now Chloe does, because Maggie did. Love lives on, in all shapes & sizes.


  2. At least the kitteh shares! My kitteh would not have done that. He'd have either gotten up and found another place to lay down or he'd have smacked the dog in an attempt to make it go away. lol


  3. Oh Deborah, so very sorry !!!!:(I have missed talking with you. Email me your phone ## and when you want a call I'll call you and we can talk!! Really!!!! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and telling me……I have a new dog!!! Zoie is so wonderful!!!xx, Zoie & Fern


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