We have a winner!!!!!

Hey friends,

Happy Halloween weekend!  It was a snowy one here in New England, our first northeaster! YIKES!

Well, I have a winner of that give-a-way I have been talking about  for the longest time ever!!! The winner is Roo~and October 31\’st is his second \”Gotcha Day\”!!! Yah!!! What good luck!

 I have heard that you\’re suppose to be lucky on your birthday!

After all that snow that we had and lost power in most towns, (we were lucky not to loose power), it\’s melting as fast as it came down! 

Here are a few pictures to show of our October snowtastic weather! 

 A tree fell on Bernie\’s car! No damage!!!

 Another tree, fell in the pool area…second one this season.

Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “We have a winner!!!!!

  1. Ugh, I have to agree with Fuzzy tales that it's waaaaaaaaaay too early for any snow!!!I'm sure our first snow of the winter is just around the corner and I'm SO not looking forward to it.Congrats to the winner!


  2. I'm here in Orlando wearing flip flops! I can't believe all the snow you've had. I'm so glad no one was hurt with the trees falling over. Congrats to your winner!Happy Halloween!


  3. Huge congrats to gorgeous Roo!! And happy gotcha day to him too! Yayayyayay!Oh wow – look at that snow!! Awww I feel most christmassy already – but I am sorry about the trees though! Oh dear – please be safe everyone!!Warm hugs to the cute donkeys!! Take carex


  4. HaRoooooo! :)That's a lot of snow you got! Beautiful! Glad you didn't lose power and the fallen trees didn't do any damage. Lucky Day fur sure! :DI'm so excited about my prize! Thank you again! I told my pawrents about it and they went SQUEEEEEE! BOL! I will fur sure do a post about it when the portrait is done AND give Jessi Lynn her own special spot on my blog's side bar :DWaggin at ya,Roo


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