Oh Great….

 Hello friends,  we had a visitor today, this little fox.  Just hanging right behind our pool fence, for hours.  Very close to the house.  I have never seen a fox do this before so I called the animal control officer in town.
She said that this fox must be socialized and not afraid of us.  She didn\’t think it was sick because he (or she)  was just cleaning himself and hanging around. 

Crazy how wildlife is being forced to live in neighborhoods.  When he ran off, I quickly put out the dogs and they went crazy which meant he must have been close by.  Ariel kept sniffing the air and Buffy was barking like mad.

Buffy is now keeping guard and Mr Chips has no idea what the heck is going on!
Thank you everyone for being so kind the other day.  I really appreciated all your kind words and reassurance.  I will let you know how things turn out but today was a much better day!

14 thoughts on “Oh Great….

  1. How fortunate to be able to see and photograph the fox! It's sad that they become too casual with our society; it is dangerous for them and consequently for us. We had that problem in this area last year. They grew up and moved on.Still thinking of you!! Hugs!


  2. What a beautiful fox! I hope it gets back to it's home and stays out of your backyard!P.S. I'm an animal lover! I really like your blog. I found you on Ginny's blog. 🙂


  3. I personally think you are so lucky to have seen a wild fox so close! I love foxes – I love seeing them – I used to have one gorgeous fox visit my patio but my angels Ol Girl and her brother Tim used to chased him or her away! Now I don't see the fox anymore and I kind of miss this gorgeous creature! Hugs to you and your family! Take carex


  4. at first I thought cool, then i thought I want one in my yard then i thought oh no, my dogs would go ballistic, barking and carrying on, not standing like yours are doing. but is is kind of cool to see the fox.


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