Hello Mother,

Did I scare you!  You were so busy with Scooter\’s post about his vet visit, I scared you when I popped my head up from behind the computer!

Well bloggy friends, have a great weekend and my mother will be posting about Scooter\’s vet visit next week!!


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  1. LOL! We'd give our mom a scare too, if we did that, because she'd be so focused on what she was doing. :-)Happy weekend to you all!-Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales (using the mom's account)


  2. my husband and I are laughing, I showed this to him and he said she is just like you, on the computer and always has the camera ready. this because this morning i spent 10 minutes shooting photos of a mushroom in the back yard. love the kitty shot


  3. I'm glad Winston is home and recovering/recovered. I hope Scooter is ok too.Thank you for your kind words regarding my father's passing. It really meant a lot.


  4. Hi Deborah,How is Scooter??Lilly is such a pretty cat. I am ready for another cat but Happy says she wouldn't hear of it!!!!!!!!!!! Every once in a while we see a kitty out back or out front and Happy tries to kill the poor thing!!!!!!!! Tom says she will be gone soon enough.She is now 19 to 21 years old. She moves very little now a days unless she sees another cat. Thanks for your visit.xx, Fern


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