Just dropping in…

It\’s my birthday today!!!  I was born on April 7, 2003.  My Mom can\’t believe that I\’m 8 years old already.  She remembers when Dad and my human brother went to get me, they said that my home was really dirty and Mom wouldn\’t be happy if she saw the place.  Every now and then they still talk about it!  Then I was so sick as a kitten, my Grandma hand fed me while she was living with us recuperating from back surgery.  It was very lucky for me that Grandma was staying here because  I\’m still here!
Now, my daily routine is to sneak out of the house in the garage.  My family won\’t let me out in the real world so all I do is  eat, sneak, sleep and eat some more.  I do sleep on my human brother\’s bed at night though.  Mom won\’t let me in her room anymore because I have used her room as a kitty litter box once to many times and she is not very happy about that! So, it is off limits, except for Lilly…I will have to ask Mom about that.  I thought she had no favorites!
Happy Birthday to me!
Have a great day and  I\’m off waiting for my gifts!

14 thoughts on “Just dropping in…

  1. Happy Birthday!You got good humans there to watch over you for eight years. The sneak out part must be the highlight of your day. Just come home safely when you're done.Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill


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