A global hug is needed today.

Today my friends, I am lost for words. As I watch the news I am just devastated on the earthquakes and the tsumani.  Our prayers are going to everyone who is effected by this horrible disaster.  Also the people in  Christchurch, New Zealand too.  

I have this sign in my kitchen and I think it is appropriate for the way I feel today.
Stay safe my friends.


18 thoughts on “A global hug is needed today.

  1. Your words are wonderful and so very appropriate. We are keeping the world in our thoughts and prayers – such a terrible tragedy.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. I woke up everyone I know in California at 5 am to get up and watch the news…I was worried about them because they live near the coast, but thankfully they are alright!I have been praying ever since…


  3. This has been on the news non-stop today. I have to do some homework and then watch the news a little better because I'm a little confused about a certain aspect of the tsunami that I'm curious about. (Not gonna say what I'm confused about because I don't want anyone to think I'm dumb because I don't already know!)We talked about it in my govt class today too.This is a lovely tribute. Scary that it was so big that the after effects are actually affecting other countries to the extent that it is.


  4. Me and Charlie are joining you with our global hugs too!! The news about the tsunami in Japan following the earthquake in NZ and flooding in Australia is just terrrible! :-(Take carex


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