Philippine Starfish

Hello Friends, while my son was snorkeling  he came across a lot of these little creatures.
I did take a few quick pictures before he put it back in the ocean. 
I think they are Philippine starfish.  I have never
seen these before but the Caymans do 
have a lot of starfish.

Personally, I wouldn\’t have touched it. It looks a little scary to me not to mention you shouldn\’t touch anything under the sea~So next time young son… just look…don\’t touch…and no, we are not taking it home for a pet!


16 thoughts on “Philippine Starfish

  1. That is one leggy starfish!!! Awwwww it looks so so so leggy and spider like!!Your son is very very brave!!! I'd have looked, screamed and ran away!! Charlie would have done worse!! LOL!Take carex


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