Could Buffy be the next "Good Ol Gal"!!

We entered the Mango Minster 2011  Show!! 
Last year we just read and dreamed of entering this year~~~
 Buffy is the \”Good Ol Gal\” if I ever have seen one!  She loved her original owner, my Dad!  His constant companion for about 10 years!  Everyday, everywhere, Dad went, Buffy went!
 When I adopted her after her short stay at my Dad\’s friends farm, I learned she could do all kinds of things…I adopted her because the donkeys didn\’t like her too much!  I was very happy to see that she fit right in with all of us.  Buffy now will stay with me, all day!  My Dad would be sooooo happy!
This is just some of the things she does on a daily basis…she reads….this is Twinkie\’s book and we still have to show you  our new book, Paw Steps to Happiness by Bella!  She loved that book too!
 Buffy sleeps behind my desk!
 She will dress for the holidays!
 Not to mention, sit next to yellow chickens…
 She is one cool dudess!
 She watches TV, no football for her, just Dancing with the Dogs!
 Buffy will even keep a good secret!
 She keeps up on her blogging and the world news!
 By nightfall, she is ready for dinner….hmmm, is this a \”diva\” picture, no, just having fun with Mom!
I\’m even patriotic!

So, I guess you get the picture, am I a  \”Good Ol Gal\” or what!   My Mom thinks so!!

Have fun my furiends and we know their  are lot of great \”Good Ol Gals and Boys\” out their, so good luck everyone! 

Buffy & Mom

21 thoughts on “Could Buffy be the next "Good Ol Gal"!!

  1. Well, Buffy is for sure extremly cultured. Multi talented and multi educated!! But mind you, Buffy is not a cultured snob! She is hip and with it, with her love of cute costumes, T.V., and the computer! A well rounded pooch!! Your dad would love it!!


  2. Looong time! I guess you missed it, but every now and then I post explaining that I'm MIA (swamped) and haven't been able to read blogs in months. I got your message (comment) though and had to stop by to thank you and find out how the good dog is doing. I'm a huge healer fan and a Buffy lover.Glad for the opportunity to shout \”hello\” and thank you for remembering me during my long absence.


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