You have to imagine this happening every night…

Good evening friends, I am writing this post and it is dark out side, it is  7:46 PM and pitch black.  This is the routine in my office…

Buffy will come in, lay down next to my desk and look up!

 Here it is, the sky light. She can see her shadow and she barks and barks and barks! 

 Then, she lays downs and sleeps.  A little strange, but it\’s her routine!  I suppose it could be worse!

Yeah, I suppose it could!

 Happy Sunday my friends and we have read about so many of our furry friends who are sick, that we are sending lots of prayers to you for nothing but good things to come your way.


14 thoughts on “You have to imagine this happening every night…

  1. At least she lies down and settles. Our human sister's lab barks at the ceiling and won't give it up:( Some pup looks might comfy in that blankie.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. I think Buffy's just saying goodnite to herself- right buffy? norwoodPS- today's photos are old- from the blizzard. We didn't get much snow today here either


  3. Awww gorgeous Buffy has her routine!! And she says goodnight to herself too! Lovely!!! And hello to the cutie all snuggled and tucked up ready for bed!! Take carex


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