National Taco Day was yesterday!

 Taco day was yesterday and we (me) almost missed it!  Thanks Jazzi for reminding me!  It was a day full of excitement, we couldn\’t have ask for more, decorating the Christmas Tree, having Grammy and Grampy come over and having tacos!!  WHEW,,, They were great, just look….


 You can see in Buffy\’s eyes….she loved them! 


Bon Appetit everyone!


13 thoughts on “National Taco Day was yesterday!

  1. I forgot all about this! I read about it on someone else's blog and thinking what a yummy idea that was. I was just talking to my mom last week too about how I haven't had tacos in awhile.


  2. O no!!! I missed Taco Day!!! But fanks to your informative and tasty lookin post, I was able to school the Mom! Just sayin.We will not be missin this holiday next year!!!wif love from the Luke


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