OH MY, I can\'t believe it\'s Monday!

What a week! It snowed….

I went to a wedding…

 Visited with my great niece from Kentucky…Magnolia…They call all us Great Aunties, Aunt Deborah, the Great, Aunt Danica, the Great…OK, you get it!!!

 Helped with my grandbaby…Had fun with my friends.  Penny is in the blue, that\’s me in the middle and Danica is Penny\’s sister! 

Tonight I plan on catching up with all my Bloggy friends!
I hope you all have a nice day!!

23 thoughts on “OH MY, I can\'t believe it\'s Monday!

  1. Gosh!! Snow already!!! :-)The wedding looks amazing and the babies are just precious!! Awwww! Great to to see Aunties -the Great!! LOL!!hello nice kitty looking all relaxed! Take carex


  2. That was one very busy weekend. How did you manage to get snow and we didn't??? Nice to see all the pretty ladies in the photos, but our favorite was that sweet grandbaby.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  3. What a busy weekend!Your great neice and granddaughter are just beautiful. Ugh, so sorry about the snow. I love the first snow for about a minute and a half and then I'm totally over it.


  4. yeah and we thought we HAD a busy busy weekend……we were beat after looking at yours.thanks for sharing and we need to snooze now and you get some rest toochikissescoco and tiffy


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