Hey, what is all this going on!

What a cute little chipmunk and I\’m sure he was wondering what was going on with all the smoke the past few days~ The little critters were very lucky in the woods that this fire was only a brush fire that was mainly on the ground. It was large in our standards, about three acres were smoldering.

The trucks were just called again yesterday because a tree was still smoldering and we didn\’t want it to start up again. Fortunately, we are expecting rain so that will help the firemen!
We hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

13 thoughts on “Hey, what is all this going on!

  1. Wow, is the lone chipmunk the only thing strrring after the fire? I am so glad everyone is safe and nothing harmed. Sad pictures, I hope the rain comes soon to quench any embers.


  2. Awwwwww yay for the little chipmunk!! Glad he/she survived this fire! Me and Charlie hope many more did so too. We are glad no-one else got hurt and pray for the rains to come!Take carex


  3. Fire is so scary – seems like it is very hard to take control. We are so glad to see you are all OK and that the fire is almost done.Great idea to get that horse trainer. Isn't it interesting how much one can learn from such little tips?Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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