Hey, whats up!

Hey surfer dudes! Yup, I think the heat has gotten to Mom and the kids…they put Bud and me (Ciara) on a surf board. All I heard was giggling…Don\’t worry, we were completely safe! Bud loved it~ He was walking around on the surf board.
I felt like I was on the front of the ship with the wind blowing on my fur…
Loving this!
Awww, I don\’t want to get off now…
Wait until tomorrow, she also put Mr. Chips and Winston on the board!

Happy tails to you….

17 thoughts on “Hey, whats up!

  1. Awww gorgeous Bud and Ciara!!! What a lovely way to cool off in summer! You two are cute surfer bunnies!! :-)Me and Charlie hope you had a great time! Take carex


  2. Bunnies are adorable. When you put them on a surfboard, it's adorable x10!!!I don't know that I'd be as brave as you are to try this, I'd worry they'd try to jump off. They look like they're enjoying it though.


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