Scent of the Missing…book review, week one…

A couple of weeks someone in the blogosphere sent me a book to read about a search and rescue dog and the love of a partnership between the rescue dog and it\’s human. Normally I turn all the offers down, but this book just sounded like a winner! So, every Monday or Tuesday, I\’m going to have a Scent of the Missing book review oh how I like the book! This way, I can share the story with all of you too!
The Scent of the Missing is written by Susannah Charleson and so far so good. The first chapter jumps right in to finding a missing girl in a small town. It is captivating right of the bat. So, that is all I\’m telling you now…you will have to wait until next week! If you by chance have this book and you would like to leave a review also, just let me know and we can start a book club!

Until then, have a good day!

13 thoughts on “Scent of the Missing…book review, week one…

  1. This will be fun, and I like that you are writing the review in parts so we can learn along with you as you read! Now is this a novel or a true story?


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