Thankful Thursday!

Hey friends, Happy Thursday!

I have been trying to upload pictures and videos and my lovely computer is not cooperating! I have also tried to join some blogs and again, my computer won\’t let me! I can\’t stand that when this happens. I think I have to get a new computer because I have had this one fixed a couple of times but I think it is just old and tired! So instead of pictures today, I thought I would give you \”Thankful Thursdays\” !

I am thankful for all my cute pets, they make me smile when they are all yapping. The kids are screaming in the background \”SHUT UP\” and I smile and remember the days when I lived on the farm and I would yell the same and say \” I will never own any pets when I MOVE OUT!!!\” I remember my mother smiling at me the same way I smile at my kids!

I am thankful for all my bloggy friends! That is a given, anyone who blogs know how you can become friends with people from all the world! It is truly amazing, if you ask me!

I am thankful that summer is finally here! I can\’t stand the cold but love the snow and the dogs can\’t either with the exception of Smokes… I also love the trees and all my flowers in the yard. I have to say this year I think I have more weeds than flowers though!

I am thankful that my daughter is having a baby in October! YEAH!! We can\’t wait and have been getting everything ready for the baby. She is having a little girl! In our family it seems that all the girls are having girls, we have no boy babies!! I have to pick a name for me, now that I\’m going to be a Grandma, (I feel so young)… I like Grandma, but my daughter likes, GIGI, what do you think? Does anyone have any cute names you call your Grandma? I have always called mine Grandmother…kind of formal, but that is what we did and the kids call my mother Grandmother also…

Well, I have way more things that I\’m thankful for, but I won\’t ramble any longer!

Have a great day and hopefully I will be posting pictures soon!


16 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!

  1. I hope you're able to sort out the computer problems. My laptop is 4 or 5 years old now, and s…l…o…w. LOL. Drives me nuts when I'm trying to process and edit photos. But I'm trying to nurse it along for a while yet.Congrats on impending grandmother-hood. :-)I used to call my grandmother (paternal) Grandma. That's it, nothing special. GIGI is cute. Sounds like someone who would be fun and unconventional.


  2. miss deborah,well, i am thankful for you and your pack! i'm super glad i found your bloggie through GABE. oh, and i think you'd make a most perfectest GRAMMY! 🙂 gratsers to your daughter!*woof*the booker man


  3. I can also relate to the computer issues…They have minds of their own sometimes I think.We just love Thankful Thursday!Smileys & Snuggles!Dory, Jacob and Bilbo


  4. hello~!i hope your 'puter problems are solved soon. i call my grammy–grammy. bol. you can go with gigi–it is rather chic! if you are more on the conservitive side but want to be hip–then go with grandmmy? :)xo,luna


  5. Hope you get your computer problems sorted soon!Congrats on impeding Grandmotherhood!Murray called one Granny – \”Grandma\” and the other Granny – \”Nana\”. I like Grandma myself – my neighbours grandchildren call her (their grandmother) by her first name which I find very casual!take careMurray's Mom


  6. Awww CONGRATULATIONS on your becoming Granny? Gra-ma? Greatest Grandma Ever?? They're all good! LOL!Congratulations!!!!! Yay – such exciting news!!!! I hope your pc cooperates soon – it's so evil when it conks out when you least want it too! Good luck with it!!And such lovely people and animals and wonderful events to be grateful for!! Take carex


  7. How wondewful that you awe going to have a bootiful baby hooman.Mommi always called hew Gwamma Nagymami, hehehehe..I know it's sounds weiwd, but she is hungawian that's what they say thewe. I nevew knew my gwamma cause she went to heaven way befow i was bowned.whatevew she calls you it will be fqantasticalsmoochie kissesAsta


  8. Sorry to hear that you are having 'puter problems – can be very frustrating. But congrats on the good news about becoming a Grandma. As the proud Grandma to six, I can tell you it is a wonderful experience. I hope your daughter has a beautiful and healthy little girl. I am Grandma, just seems to be what we are all used to. Gigi is cute but we think the choice should be yours. I always liked Nanan, what some Irish friends called their grandmother. Nonni, Nana, Grandmother, Meme, and the list goes on.Hugs, the OP Pack Mom


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