And the winner is……

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Well Buffy kept saying…come on Mom, pick the winner, you said Friday you would… remember…..Oh yeah, that\’s right! Well here we go….Buffy is looking and thinking on where to put her paw…. Good, I spread them out and now I need help…WINSTON, where are you!

Winston, I need you, please hurry!

Here you are, you pick it, OK. I like everyone too much to just pick one name!

Fern and Bambi! You won the sign!!! YEAH

Hi Fern and Bambi, please send our Mom your address and she will mail the sign on Monday!
We will make sure she doesn\’t take her time like she did pulling the name.

Enjoy the rest of weekend!


19 thoughts on “And the winner is……

  1. Ya Good for me!!!! I have never won anything ever, thank you so much!!! I wish my hands didn't hurt so much when I try to sew I wanted to make things for give a-ways!!!! But it is so slow going b/c I do just a little and have to stop and wait for the pain to go away.Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!XXOO, Bambi & Fern


  2. Congratulations to Fern and Bambi – we are especially pleased if they have never won anything before!!!Cool choosing of the winners guys!lovemartha and bailey xx


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