For our loyal friend, Maxdog.

With our deepest sympathy for Maxdog of South Africa. Thank you for everything Maxdog, for your tours,
your kindness and your love for your
bloggy friends all the around world.
These flowers are for your Mom and Dad in
their time of sorrow.

12 thoughts on “For our loyal friend, Maxdog.

  1. Awww what lovely flowers for the wonderful and inspiring Maxdog! He really was so special and will be so missed. Thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends. Take carex


  2. My heart goes out to Max's family. I just read his final moments and I can't stop crying. I know that all of us who love pets will be faced with similar situations sooner or later and I hope and pray it will be much, much later for me…selfish, but true.God bless Max's family! I feel for you!


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