Gabe CATegory

Hey Friends, Well, I\’m getting back to normal, what ever that is…Thank you all again for your very kind well wishes. It has been a tough week and I truly appreciated all your kind comments. I have to say, YOUR THE BEST!

I also almost had a nervous break down last night. Now I want you to picture this. I\’m upstairs, getting ready to watch \”The Nanny\” with Fran D. anyways, I checked my emails on my phone and Khyra, the Siberian Husky told me that the OP Pack emailed her to say my blog was deleted. If you could only imagine me running down the stairs to my office and sure enough, my blog was deleted. I just looked and didn\’t panic, a good idea I thought. I first emailed Google, then I went to my Kindness blog and that was up. I hit the button to go this blog and it worked. I have no idea what happened but I want to thank Khyra and the OP Pack for helping me out. I really appreciate that you both took the time out to let me know. I\’m not sure what to do, I just asked the computer company if I could back up my blog and they said no, but I think I should somehow. So I will be working on that next!
Well now for the news your were anxiously waiting for….I had to pick another CATegory prize for GABE.

I first went for the bag….

Lou started to help out, but she wanted Ariel to take over.

I\’ll get it Mom!

I\’m looking!

Got it! OLD KITTY, you win!!! YEAH!!!!
I\’ll drop by your blog to give you the details.

Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Gabe CATegory

  1. Congratulations to Old Kitty; we are very excited for Jenn and Charlie!…Glad you got your blog back up; I saw it as deleted yesterday as well, but I've seen that on other blogs in the past and they come back up somehow…Blogger is crazy sometimes!…Take care Deborah.


  2. Oh Lou and Ariel, you sweeties! Oh wow.Oh wow. Oh wow again. :-)This is so so so so so so sweet. Me and Charlie are all agog. OH thank you very much, I'm so chuffed, thank you!Wow.Thank you so so so much!take carexp.s I'm sure there's a way of creating a back up for one's blog? I must investigate that cos it's kinda scary when your blog disappears! Well done you for getting it back. Phew. xx


  3. We were just hoping you weren't going to have the same problem as our furiend Stella and her Mom who lost their blog when they got hit by spam. Mom didn't have your email address so we were also glad that Khyra's Mom was able to help.We never got a chance to express our sympathy over the loss of your good friend. Never easy, is it?Congrats to Old Kitty.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. I'm glad you're feeling better, or normal – I don't now what that is either ;-)Have you ever heard of Mozy? It's an online computer back up system in case your computer crashes. It's only $4.95 a month and I may do it because now that I'm on Facebook anything can happen. My friend's computer crashed 9 times last year, but he plays a lot of games on FB and that's probably why.Here's the link in case you want to check it out:


  5. Oh that was scary to find your blog….deleted.I found info on Blogger about backing up blogs. I typed int back up blogs got some good info.I'll try to do that this weekend.Madi and Mom


  6. I hate when Blogger goes all wonky. I'm glad that it wasn't too bad, though, and that you were able to get things back up.I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend, too. I would have commented sooner, but I've been having internet issues.


  7. I guess I am not alone on having blogger troubles!! I haven't been over to see you in a while because my computer is so old and slow and I am on dial up and that is slow!!!!! So when I get 15 comments it takes all day to answer those comments and I don't get a chance to visit any other blogs. So if you don't come to see me I don't get to see you!!!! I don't like it that way but thats the way it is.Sorry to hear your friend has passed away!That is so sad!! Glad you feel better. Thanks for your visit.XXO, Fern


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