I was over the farm today and ….

Hey everyone, I am so glad it\’s Friday! TGIF!!!! Tomorrow, I have lots to do. First on the list is to give Lilly a bath..Maybe..oh and Mr. Chips too! Well, today I was at the farm and I saw this beautiful cat! I don\’t know who he is, but WOW, what a beauty. He looks like my old cat, Maurice with the exception of the white tip on his tail. I had Maurice for about 12 years. He was a great cat! This is a great picture, I can just hear him thinking to himself…what is she doing!

Then I came across this little cutie. This is one of the cutest dogs I know. It\’s a tiny mutt! Very soft and hyper. She wouldn\’t stay still for her pictures I wanted! My mother is babysitting her
for the weekend. Hey, I want to babysit her!

This is a head shot! I think she only weighs about 2#\’s. Too little for my house!

Here is the owner of little Miss Bechoe. OK, she is cute too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

17 thoughts on “I was over the farm today and ….

  1. That cat looks like Middi, especially the first photo – except Middi is all black.Cute little dog – what kind is it? and what an adorable little girl holding the dog 🙂


  2. We don't know who is is more adorable, little Miss Bechoe or her mom!The cat is beautiful.Hope you're doing well, think of you all the time, the kids love the throws you sent them; and I love how hey saved my furniture!Have a great weekend.ClaudiaNellie & CalvertPees: you can follow us on Facebook now. Link is on our site.


  3. what a fun Friday you had…and to meet 3 new friends on top of all of the fun. Next time you come to Raleigh let me know I'll arrange to meet up with you.Madi and Mom


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