I went window shopping again!

I went \”window shopping\” again for a few of my bloggy friends! I hope you like what I picked out! My friends think I\’m way to into this blog, OK, I am, but at least it\’s fun!!! This time, security didn\’t follow me around so it made it easier for me to take pictures!!! Have fun!
I found this nice picture for Benny & Lilly! Do you think they would like it!!
The rock star outfit I thought was perfect for Twinkie!

I thought Max\’s mom would love this picture! It reminded me of Africa and the Zebra\’s that Max, Toffee and Tammy may see!

I hope Norwood likes this fire hydrant and you can even put cookies in it!

I\’m sure Jack and Baby\’s Mom would love these mugs!

Have a great day!

18 thoughts on “I went window shopping again!

  1. Not to sound ungrateful or anything but, here's my experience with your blog today. I was yawning because I have jet lag from being in Paris. I was relaxed. I loved Benny and Lily's present, and suddenly: OMD! What is that??? You seriously expect me to wear that? I mean, I know it's a gift but. Momma said to just say thank you. Fine. Thank you for the lovely window present. I'll cherish it forever. Twink!


  2. HeyI agree blogs are fun. Mom is the same way… we may see something that reminds us of a blog pal and take a pic. Yummy… I would love to put my cookies in that cookie jar but we may have to keep it on the counter.. if you know what I mean.Thank you for thinking of menorwoodPS hi buffy.. i hope you liked my moves


  3. What a great window shopper – you found just the right gift for your friends.Benny and Lily will love that pic – we certainly did.loveMartha & Bailey xxx


  4. Great finds! So thoughtful of you to go window shopping for furry friends. Twinkie sure posted a funny comment.Have a great week!-Princess & Mocha – the shopping piappies


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