Hey everyone!

I\’m trying to figure out if I like to sit on Winston… Or my stuffy!

Mom wanted me to give you an update on Auntie Penny, she is in a rehabilitation hospital right now! That is good news because she is getting closer to coming home.

My Auntie Penny needs to learn how to talk and swallow again.
Mom told us that she is talking well with the tracheotomy closed off. Even though her voice
is very soft, my Mom told us that the whole family cried when she spoke again.

You see, Auntie Penny has squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and tonsil. The operation was to remove the cancerous tumor that had grown back. This is her second round with this horrible cancer. We are waiting for the pathology reports to come back next in anticipation that all the cancer is gone.

For all my furry friends out there, please give your parents an extra hug today!


22 thoughts on “Hey everyone!

  1. MOL at your pictures. Now for a more serious note…we are purraying furry hard for your Auntie Penny. We also wish that there would already be a cure that is found! Cancer is a horrible thing. Please send her our thoughts and purrayers and wishing her a speedy recovery!


  2. We bet Winston would prefer you sit on your stuffies:)We are happy to hear that Aunt Penny is improving. And we will pray that the evil cancer is all gone.Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  3. Good news about your Aunt Penny. I pray she continues to bet better!! I know the coons so well I don't think I have very much to worry about. I know their faces and I know when soneone is not feeling well.XXooXX to all your animals, Bambi & Fern


  4. I think sitting on your stuffie is safer…you never know when Winston might decide to move and there you go toppling over on your noggin…Thank you for the update on Aunt Penny…she is one strong, brave and courageous lady. God bless her and your entire family. Drop by our blog on Sunday if you have time.Happy Valentine'sMadi and Mom


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