What, puppy treats!

OK, which one of you is trying to feed me dog biscuits!

Happy Monday everyone!

19 thoughts on “What, puppy treats!

  1. What are you doing with the kibble and the milk bone? BOL It's like having your cake and eating it too. Neat, I'll tell mom about this new meal, hors d'oeuvres and all.Twink!


  2. try it, you may like it enough to give up your kibbles for good bol…..not funny i know but do give a biig smile as mumster says we must be able to laugh at ourselves ( before laughing at others!!!)chikisses


  3. A kitty's nose knows the difference between K9 and Feline food…we are very discriminating…Deborah Madi and I have an award for you all today. Please drop by our blog after 2:30 today, Tuesday, 1/26, to pick it up.Have a good day and travel safely,Madi and Mom


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