WOW, Look at all the snow!!

Happy Sunday everyone!
We had a nice big snow storm last night!Winston has to follow Buffy\’s tracks!
Mr. Chips is saying; \”are you kidding me!\”

Smokes loves it!

Smokes is having a great day!

My trusty snow yard stick!
14 inches fell last night!

Have a great day!

19 thoughts on “WOW, Look at all the snow!!

  1. Smokes – you are one lucky pup – we would so love to have some of that snow here. Nothing, not even a flake. It must be nice for Christmas too. We might get some this week, but we have learned not to trust what \”they\” tell us any more.Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  2. Wowzer 14 inches. My mom use to make a track for her last dog Snoopie who was too old and slow to make it thru the snow. I wish I could join u. NorwoodPS – glad u liked my singing. It's fun to entertain my blog pals. I think I got my blog fixed so it should load faster now. thanks for your patience.


  3. Oh my word I agree with Mr. Chips…..14\” would swallow the little guy. All the other pups are having a ball.I hope your driving conditions are good by the time you have to hit the road…don't you travel for work? Madi and Mom


  4. Merry Christmas from NJ, also snowy. Thanks for the cards, you are so kind. Mom's spirits are good. We have decided I will bring her standard poodle, Halle, back to Alaska when I return. Big surprise ahead for my little pups!


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