Hmmm, I think my antlers are suppose to standing


This is Scooter playing with the catnip we received from Ina in Alaska! He loves it! They have been playing with this little toy ever since we received the presents.

Buffy is in my office barking because I shut the door on her to give Scooter some play time! Buffy gets very mad at me if she isn\’t right next to me!

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  1. Deborah good job loading your video!!! I've done it in the past so I'm wondering if maybe the weekend the blogger was busy. Scooter is really enjoying her cat nip at Buffy's expense. HA the mouse is probably big enough to be called a rat. HA. Martha and Bailey asked about its name. I think we'll call it Christopher.Madi and Mom


  2. Looks like Scooter is really enjoying that nip:) And dear Lilly – you really need to do something about those antlers – are they just too big for you?Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  3. I hope all the animals are having fun with their new toys. I can't see your video, I am on dial up.Your kitty with the antlers is cute! Poor baby.Merry Christmas, Bambi, Happy and Fern


  4. Glad the kitties like the cat nip!! And that sled dog tee…. how cute is THAT! I just knew you would have a pup that would fit into it…. checking your blog from my office computer,,,, as you may know I am never able to access it from my laptop. I do enjoy your blog… (while at the office) xoxo Merry Christmas to your Pack. Jazzi had such a wonderful idea!!!


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