Another snow day!

It was another snow day and Ariel loves to run and play in the snow! Buffy is looking at the neighbors dog and wondering why the driveway isn\’t shoveled yet!

The pictures look gray because yesterday was a gray day. After the snow, we had a lot of rain and we still ended up with 5 inches according to my snow ruler!

Have a great day!

15 thoughts on “Another snow day!

  1. Very pretty pictures! Commenting from my office computer. Hope you got your Christmas box!! I am wondering if I cannot access your blog from my home laptop due to the add-ons on your blog? I have the same problem with another blog, Arise 2 Write. Andrea has lots of add ons on her blog too. Just speculating. xoxo


  2. We have already posted but not sure if it 'went' as we got cut off!!Anyways we were saying we love your xmas pics – we wish we could come over and play.We particularly like the snow covered trees – very and kissesMartha & Bailey xxx


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