Even Bud needs a bath!

Buffy would have made such a nice mother! She is so gentle with Bud.

My daughter\’s fiance is the one that allows Buffy to give

Bud a bath! I probably would have never

allowed that. As it turns out, Buffy is very gentle!

I would never try this with Ariel, although we did find Ariel carrying a hamster

around and she never did anything, except give it back to us!

Enjoy your day!

16 thoughts on “Even Bud needs a bath!

  1. Oh if we would only LEARN from our pets unconditional love!! What a beautiful picture and video…..it made me smile.I did not go anywhere near a mall either!!I don't need anything at a mall before 10am.Madi and Mom


  2. Oh Buffy you are such a sweet pup.. Bug must have been really dirty..heheI Gus, always lick the Red's ears, they are deaf and I think maybe if I clean them up a bit they will hear me.. We love it…Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie


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