A Happy Ending!

Thursday afternoon, as I walked into the house after a long day on the road…(OK, not that long, only about four hours) and as soon as I walked in I saw this cute little ball of fuzz on my couch without anyone else around except for Mr. Chips, Ariel, Buffy and Winston! At first I thought, this can\’t be…not another one! I am having some work done in the house so I thought it was the workers pet, but no, they just laughed. Then I started calling for one of the kids and up came my daughter\’s fiance.
Apparently, he found this little ball of fuzz in the middle of the road about 1 mile from our home. He looked scared and lost.
Mr. Chips was sitting on his stuffy, just in case this little ball of fuzz had any funny ideas!

The hero below, called the police and dog officer. Sure enough, this ball of fuzz was lost! Her family told \”the hero\” that the fire alarm went off and she took off! She was about 3 miles from her home when \”the hero\” found her!

So off they go, to Home Sweet Home!

Her name is Tasha and it turned out, Tasha is owned by one of son\’s classmates in the local school!
Have a great weekend and I hope all your stories have happy endings like this one!

18 thoughts on “A Happy Ending!

  1. She's adorable! So happy you found her pawrents. Ahhh… nothing like happy endings; don't you wish everything in life turned out that way.Paws-outYour new followersNellie & Calvert


  2. I know of a special Tasha who is akhross The Bridge -No doubt she helped this one stay safe -My mom always asks her mom to look out fur special khases -Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: When Merdie isn't here, I make my morning milkbone a game – I hide it then ask Mom to find it – sometimes I'll eat it then – other times I rehide it fur another time!


  3. Oh we are so very pleased that there was a happy ending!We are also glad Tasha was found by a hero – good humans who help animals are very special.love and kissesmartha & bailey xxx


  4. What a wonderful story with such a happy ending. It warms my heart all the way through.Mr. Chips is too funny guarding his stuffy. I guess he is saying you can do anything you want but paws off my stuffy.Our photo helper…in the beginning of my blog experience Madi's Dad was supportive of the blog but didn't understand the concept…over the months he has begun to take pictures and offer ideas…great to have an assistant especailly since he is retired.Madi and Mom


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