Buffy\'s new bed!

Hmmm, I wondering, Buffy looks a little uncomfortable in her new bed! I think she fits, but maybe she needs a larger one and I can always give this one to Winston. Buffy\’s head is hanging off half the night!

Now, she is trying to sleep~

OK, now I\’m looking good!

Have a good day!

14 thoughts on “Buffy\'s new bed!

  1. Hi Deborah,Thank you for you kind words. It was very nice to hear from you today. Madi and I are always looking for new friends. We went online on June 25, 2009. After several months of reading other blogs I thought I'd give it a try. I've always enjoyed writing and photography. Our blog gives me an outlet for both. Madi is such an inspiration too. Since I started blogging I've shared many stories about our past and present furiends. WE look forward to keeping up with you,Madi and Mom


  2. Hi Deborah,I thought I replied to your email but I don't see it here….maybe you have it set up for approval before it is posted.If for some reason my comments didn't go through I want to thank you again for you kind comments. Madi and I are new at blogging.Madi and Mom


  3. We Think Buff likes her new bed.. I use to put a pillow in Amanda's bed. She liked her head higher than her body.They are all different just like people.Have a good week end, Bambi and Fern


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