Happy Friday Friends!

I just wanted to give you an update on SonnyBoy and Buffy. Both are doing well after their tooth extractions! Both dogs live on farms, so it was just a coincidence that they both had teeth pulled the same week. I really have no idea how both dogs broke their teeth but they had to bite on something very hard!

A few weeks ago I was blogging about this calendar to increase public awareness about New York Cities at-risk animals. I did end up ordering two, one for my brother for Christmas and one for myself! It came in last week and it is a real nice calendar! The picture I\’m showing is Stephen Stills with his horse. This calendar shows a different musician and their pet on every month. They did offer to send me a calendar, but I didn\’t want to that seeing this is a fundraiser for animals and I just didn\’t think that would be right, so instead I bought the two calendars and I have to say, they are nice! If you would like to learn more about this, please visit Rational Animal.

Rumor has it that Buffy\’s owner would like me to keep Buffy. She is a very nice pet and she seems to get along with everyone here. She is quite, although she does bark when someone is at the door, which is a good thing. She is house broken, thank goodness. She is very obedient, so I am sure she will become part of my family. We would be happy to take her! Thankfully we have plenty of room for her and she can rest that back leg. According to the Vet, she will have a limp forever, so this is a good place to relax!

Have a nice weekend!

13 thoughts on “Happy Friday Friends!

  1. HIThats good that Buffy gets to stay with you. And she can take it easy on her leg too. Oh BTW, I got loose again today. Mom took the trash out and told me to stay on the porch. Normally I do what I am told but…..you see there was this squirrel…well….you can figure out the rest. Once she caught me, she wasnt as nice to me as she was the night I was out all night long!! She marched ne right home and right to my kennel, and I JUST got out so guess I better watch my P's and Q's today!!WagsJazzi


  2. One more lovely animal! It's good you live on a farm. I would probably have a lot of animals if I lived on a farm too. Baby and Jack and I share a one-room apartment.


  3. Thanks for letting us know about the calendar. I'm going to order one.That's how we ended up with 7 dogs because visitors came and then didn't leave. I'm glad Buffy is going to have a fantastic home.


  4. How fortunate you are to have such a big paw-family and still place for new comers. Buffy is very sweet and I'm sure she will have a very beautiful life with you. What a wonderful person to meet.


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