What\'s Buffy doing here?

Buffy, a ten year old Australian Cattle dog is visiting with us for the next few weeks! Her Mother called me on Monday and asked if I could take her in to recuperate from an injury she received a few weeks ago. Her back left leg has two torn ligaments. Buffy, comes from a farm family of 13, so my family is small compared to hers! She is a great dog, very quite, well trained and the only funny thing is that she will not go outside by herself! She will sit by the door until I get out there! She use to be my father\’s dog before he passed away last year and he took her for long walks every day, so I think that is how she is trained. She really is a nice dog and the other dogs don\’t seem to mind her. Even Smokes is use to her now. They all just accepted her. I have to admit, I have very calm pets! Thank goodness, with three teenagers in the house and all the drama they have to offer, I certainly don\’t need any more drama with my pets!

9 thoughts on “What\'s Buffy doing here?

  1. Yay cattle dogs!! We have a cattle dog. She is crazy, but I love her. She is 110% loyal to me. Can't ask for much more from a dog.


  2. Mom is goin' \”AWWWW\”, she says Buffy reminds her of Grits, my bro I never knew. I hope she recovers and I'm sure you will help her a great deal.Chester ;0=)


  3. Hello Buffy!! Mommy says you're very beautiful and she loves your coat color, is it silver blue? we've never seen a cattle dog where we live.Thanks for sharing Buffy on your blog!!Cheers,Maxx & Mommy


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