A Visit to Amish Country

Amish Country is a beautiful part of Pennsylvania that we had visited on our trip! We ate lunch in an Amish home, which was the best meal we had on our trip! The Amish were very welcoming and this family lived on this beautiful farm.

An Amish wagon.
A very friendly German Shepard.

German Shepard Puppies for sale.

This farm had lots of horses, cows, bunnies and dogs!

Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “A Visit to Amish Country

  1. I'm glad woo enjoyed your trip to Pawsylvanina and did wave as woo passed!Depending upon how woo khame from Hershey, woo were <5 minutes from me and my floof!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: I hope the khonditions of the puppy 'place' were good – that is another nasty part of our state ;-(


  2. Wow, I saw many movies about the Amish community. First, I didn't understood who they are and what are they doing in US. I still don't know their history. Could you write a post with details about that? They seem to live in harmony with nature and close to God's principles, but they are a little much to \”conservative\”.


  3. We have heard that a trip to Amish country is beautiful. We have a community not too far from us across the state line in Missouri, but have never been there. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.Woos, the OP Pack


  4. PA has some beautiful countryside! And the Amish farms are beautiful, too. Unfortunately, many of them are a hotbed of animal abuse 😦 . They have gained a reputation for puppy mills and disposable horses.


  5. Glad you enjoyed your PA trip. Mom ate at an Amish home one time and she said it was super good too. The children of the family then sang after the meal without musical instruments. I can't spell accapella-or did I? It was unique and very enjoyable.Did you ever go to the Sight and Sound Theatre? Definitely worth going at least one time. You would like it. Most plays have animals and all are stories from the Bible.Chester ;0=)


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