I\'m a little early but isn\'t it wordless Wednesday somewhere!

The squirrels must be very happy with all of these acorns!

Scooter is wondering why I keep taking pictures!

Ariel would love to give you a hug!
Winston looks like he ate those acorns! But don\’t worry, he didn\’t!

The second snow fall and we even had a tree fall over!

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “I\'m a little early but isn\'t it wordless Wednesday somewhere!

  1. I know we've just met but since you are early I'd like to go ahead and comment early too!It's nice to meet your lovely 4 leggers.I'd like to give Ariel a hug but may I have one from each of the others? I'm sure they are good huggers too!Chester ;0=)


  2. Nice assortment of pikhs!It seems to be a bonus year fur akhorns 'round here – almost need a hardhat fur our walks sometimes!I'm more of a khysser if that matters!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra


  3. HiCute pics of your animals. You certainly have some happy squirrels in your area. I am still chasing them away here,so maybe they are heading your direction!!Luv squirrel chasing:Jazzi


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