Amazing Animal Lovers Cause and Calendar!

I know that you all love animals…but how about music? Vintage photography? That warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with giving to a good cause?
Well, a reader recently told me about a non-profit that she was part of called Rational Animal. Based out of New York City, they work to improve the lives of homeless animals, working animals and wildlife by using media to communicate to the public the actions they can take to help animals in their communities.
In a very cool fundraising effort, the group has released a calendar titled \”In Perfect Harmony: Music Legends of their Animals\”. Each month features a STUNNING vintage photograph of a music icon with their beloved pet. Photographers include Barrie Wentzell and Henry Diltz, and the amazing animal lovers pictured include Neil Young, John Lennon and even a young Michael Jackson. It\’s absolutely beautiful, and a functional way to hang gallery art on your kitchen wall!
If your interested in a copy, or want to learn more about this incredible organization, please visit Rational Animal.

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