Bud is going to get neutered on Tuesday…poor little guy, but it is for the best. I understand that there are many advantages to neutering a pet rabbit. Some of the advantages will be that Bud will not be so aggressive when he gets older and if he wasn\’t neutered, he could get very aggressive and very stressed out and start spraying and marking his territory. He will be a lot easier to handle and to litter box train. It also reduces the risks of testicular cancer in males and in spaying females it eliminates the risk of uterine cancer, which is quite common in rabbits.

The very strange part about this whole process is that usually when I have a pet going in for an operation, they cannot have food or water after midnight. When the office called, they said NO restrictions… I repeated what they said… and I will ask them again in the morning to confirm. They also said to bring his food and water bottle with him. I\’m sure he will be fine, but I just get a little nervous when one of my pets goes under the knife! I will let you know tomorrow how he is doing!

4 thoughts on “Bud

  1. What a very cute bunny. He looks similar to the wild one living in my yard and who ate my brussel sprouts (till I used cayenne pepper on the leaves) and cucumber leaves.Although I think my wild bunny is cute, he is my arch nemesis and wish he'd eat someone else's garden.


  2. I'm sure that Bud will be ok. I used to work at a Vet Clinic, and I always had to double check when calling the owners for surgery prep because you're right it seems strange to say no restrictions. 🙂


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