21 Day Challenge

I have been reading a lot of blogs and it seems that a lot of people are taking the plunge and exercising or dieting together..well, I was enjoying the postings on Farmgirl Paints blog when she said she is having a 21 day challenge for making new habits together. So I immediately said I was in! My new habit will be exercising. Getting out there and actually doing something is two different things in my book. So the truth be known, I\’m not a huge fan of exercising..I do a lot and sometimes I consider that my exercise routine, such as, cleaning, driving, laundry..but to be honest, I don\’t think I\’m loosing any weight, not that I\’m too fluffy, but I could use the stress reduction! I\’m going to start today by taking one of the dogs for a walk. I did walk up the stairs at church instead of using the elevator and I mentioned that I have to exercise because I made the challenge..and another teacher did say, \”you don\’t have to exercise everyday, go every other day\”! This is the problem, no moral support from anyone!
So that\’s my story, I will let you know how I\’m doing, with any luck Winston (my very fluffy dog) and myself will get into shape.. I will be honest about it too!